Теплоснабжение. Водоснабжение теплоснабжение.

водоснабжение теплоснабжение

водоснабжение теплоснабжение

водоснабжение теплоснабжение
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Finally, push down on the wishbone end again and manouvre the balljoint into it`s home on the stub axle (you need to push down quite hard on the wishbone but it is possible). Fit the nut and bolt securing the wishbone balljoint ensuring that the balljoint waisted portion lines up through the hole. The bolt should slip easily into the hoel and should not need to be hammered into place. Tighten the nut and bolt to 70NM. Refit the wheel and lower the car to the ground, the drop link should now be far enough through the wishbone to allow you to fit the low bush, washer and nut. Tighten the nut to 31NM. Also tighten up the nut securing the drop link to the end of the anti-roll bar - it`s not easy to get a torque wrench in there so just do it tight! Finally, tighten all four wishbone to subframe securing bolts to 69NM - it is extemely important not to overtighten these bolts as the nuts they screw into will either strip or break away from their spot welds. Job done, I removed the undertray as it gets in the way of one of the bolts but you might get away with just loosening one corner. Lastly, while doing this job it`s an ideal time to replace the brake disc splash guards if they are rubbing and also to replace the drop link and bushes as they cost pennies.

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